• Rachelle Saint Louis

Commuter Chronicles #9

Oct. 15th to the 19th

On Monday, I had a pretty okay day. I made it to my first two classes on time. My SLS teacher was on vacation in the Bahamas, so the career center took over our class. They had us out in twenty minutes, which was great. I went to The Office and talked to everyone for a while.

Jaireen came by and she went with me to go get lunch. Alex had given me a coupon for the cafe in the Breezeway. I decided to get chips and salsa with my usual burrito bowl, I even got guac.

Definitely not as fancy as this, but I'm sure you can imagine my delight.

We sat in the cafe and talked for a while, it was nice catching up.

My lab teacher wasn't there either, so we had another TA subbing in. He was nice but I feel lied to by my teacher. She said we wouldn't be asked about squids on the quiz, yet there were a good two or three questions on the quiz about them. I feel like we've all been there before with a teacher but it still hurt. Hopefully it doesn't hurt my grade as much as it hurt my spirit.

We did dissections in class, which was gross. The smell of formaldehyde was so strong. One of the girls in my group dissected while I handed her the tools. I felt like a surgeon's assistant.

After class, I decided to go to the gym since I've been feeling pretty out of shape. I was on the treadmill for fifteen minutes, then the stationary bike for five, and after that I did some light toning of my arms in the weight room. On the schedule near the front desk, it said there would be a core class at 5:30. I decided to do it since I was already in the gym and I haven't worked out my core in a long time. I have to say, that class destroyed me (but it was so worth it.)

I'll be honest, my arms gave out more than once.

On Tuesday, I got a parking spot surprisingly quickly. It was only 12:30, so I had an hour and a half until class. I tried doing some math homework in the library, but I had trouble understanding the concepts. I decided to go to The Office where I saw the usual Tuesday crowd and had a really good conversation with Alex.

My math class was okay and I went back to The Office afterward. I stayed for a good thirty minutes before heading off to class with the other people there who have Bio. Biodiversity wasn't bad. We had a regular quiz and I only missed one question.

After class, I went to the free food event the school was having on The Housing Lawn. It was great! I got some great samples and a free cookies and cream shake from the Chik Fil A truck. That freshman fifteen is no joke if you're not careful/balanced.

I giggled when I saw this, I mean actual giggles. I'm such a child.

I didn't stay too long at the event because I had to go to the orientation info session that's required if you apply to be an Orientation Leader. I got a lot of information and I'm super excited to get through the process. I really hope I get the position.

After that, I decided to go to Cru. I missed the begging worship songs but I heard most of the preaching. It was about opening up to God and giving Him control of our situations. I feel like it was much needed. I saw a few of my friends and they were all sweet enough to walk me to my car since I couldn't stay at the Burrow this time around. I had to go finish my math homework (which I did get done).

On Wednesday, I got to the school at a terrible time. It was only 10:15 when I got there so it took me a full half hour to get a parking spot. I was on time to SLS, which isn't usually the case on Wednesdays. Class was fine and it got out ten minutes early.

After class, I went to the tables near the Housing Lawn where they were giving out free journals. They were talking about emotions and recognizing them, that sort of thing. It was pretty informative.

I went to The Office for a bit but I couldn't stay long because I had class. I went to Social Psychology, then Precalc. I didn't do too well on my Precalc exam, but we're allowed to make up one exam per term, so I think that'll be the one I make up.

After class, I saw Ken You and Tamoi and some others. I wasn't feeling as tired by that time. I chatted for a bit before heading back to The Office to wait for Mia for our dinner date.

Alex, Ron, and Alexa were in The Office. Alex and Alexa were working on the name badges for the Urban Male Initiative Institute this Friday and Saturday. I decided to help out for a bit while I waited for Mia. Alexa and I told Alex and Ron about how terrible our lab is and we had a good time chatting. I definitely felt more energized toward the later half of the day.

Mia came a little after four, then Leona came in too. We all chatted and worked on the name badges for a little longer. Mia and I left around 4:30 and we went to Boca's Best where the pizza was huge. It also tasted great, it was true Italian style. While there, Mia and I discussed race, relationships, and the video that I sent her of the Michael Todd preaching. It's called Relationship Goals and I can honestly say that those videos have changed the way I see myself and others, especially in the context of a relationship.

We had a good time talking and were at Boca's Best for over an hour. After I brought Mia back to the school, I went rock climbing. I finally got to the top of the side I've been struggling with for the longest time. I went home feeling pretty accomplished.

On Thursday, I went to the Graduate School Fair that the school was having on the Breezeway. I got a chance to talk to FAU medical school students and got a lot of helpful information. Scripps was also tabling there and I learned about their internship program for undergrads. I saw a few people from high school, they had graduated before me. It was nice catching up.

After my math class, I went to the Office where I saw the usual crowd. We all talked for a bit before walking to class.

After class, I walked around for a while. I talked to some people. I made a friend in the bookstore. I had my first real study group and that was really fun, I feel like I do understand the material pretty well and the group helped reinforce that.

On Friday, I went to the UMI Institute after class. It was really good and the speakers were pretty inspiring. I had to go to the House of Representatives meeting after the first session I went to and that went well enough, it was just a little long.

I went back to UMI where there was dinner and then another speaker. I had a great time at UMI and I really wish I could've gone on the Saturday too, but I was working. I'm excited to see what the future holds for UMI.

Things I Learned This Week:

Monday: Bettering yourself also includes your physical body. Exercise is very important and establishing healthy habits earlier sets a positive precedent.

Tuesday: I'm super excited about these Orientation Leader applications. I can't wait for interviews.

Wednesday: I learned a little more about emotions and recognizing them.

Thursday: It's great to catch up with old friends and people from past points in your life. It's even better discussing the way you each have grown.

Friday: I learned about the habits of successful people and how your upbringing doesn't necessarily determine your future.


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