• Rachelle Saint Louis

Commuter Chronicles #5

Sept. 17th to the 21st

I decided to switch up the picture this week.

Monday started off well, I left my house a little after 9 and traffic was light so I got to school around 9:30. I parked on the fourth floor of the parking garage, near the elevator. I listened to my audiobook a little longer before deciding to head to class. I had a section and a half left before I finish it so a little over an hour. I was listening to One of Us is Lying at the time and had some mixed feelings about it.

My first two classes of the day were relaxed, as usual. I went to the Cafe in the Breezeway and bought a burrito bowl, which is quickly becoming my Monday lunch routine. I was going to go to the Office of First Gen, but I saw Mia on my way there and she said no one was there. So, we walked to the Breezeway together and sat and talked while she waited for her mentoring interview.

We saw a few other familiar faces and the college is suddenly not feeling so big anymore. Someone told me that the more people you know, the smaller the school gets and I feel like that's true. I feel more comfortable walking through the Breezeway knowing that I'll see at least one familiar face at some point.

Now I just need friends who will take aesthetically pleasing pictures like these with me.

After Mia went off to her interview, I went to the library to study for my lab practical and finish up some math homework. My lab practical wasn't bad, I was expecting much worse. The grades should be up by next week.

After class I decided to go to the Silent Library that the Women Empowerment Club was hosting. I met some new people and they were really funny. I watched a round of the game but the contestants weren't really following the rules of the game. I had to leave after a half hour or so to go to the Buddy Walk Committee meeting.

If you're interested in donating or joining my walk team for the Buddy Walk this October, please shoot me an email or contact me through social media.

On Tuesday, I had some things to do with my mother in the morning. We were already in Boca so I went to school right after. I stopped by the Office of First Gen and talked for a while before class.

After my classes I went to the meeting for Cru, the Christian club on campus. I'd gone to the first meeting at the beginning of the semester, but I hadn't been able to come because of the train. Since I came with my car, I didn't have to worry about the train and I could stay as late as I wanted.

I really enjoyed the meeting. We started off with an intro from one of the club leaders, then we sang worship and one of the members preached a really down to earth sermon. It wasn't long but it was really good, then we sang some more and the meeting was over. After that, we all headed to the Burrow to eat and talk. I had a great time and I got to meet a sweet dog.

On Wednesday, the traffic wasn't the best and I got to the school around 10:30. I drove around the parking garage for twenty minutes before I found someone leaving on the second floor. It was a great spot but a little far on the corner, so it was difficult to park from the side I was coming from. I was worried that my car would get hit or scratched the whole day, but it ended up being okay.

I got to the class a couple minutes after it started, but I didn't miss much. SLS went well, we have our first exam next Wednesday. After class, the Women and Gender Equity Office was holding some informational tables near the Housing Lawn. They gave out pizza and cool metal water bottles to the people that went to all three tables. I got a shirt from them on Monday, I love how easy it is to get FAU gear. They were talking about safe sex and protecting yourself.

I went to the Office of First Gen as per usual before class. I had my first exam in Precalc that day. It wasn't too tough for me, I understood the material so I got out an hour early. I ended up on the Breezeway talking for a while before I left for a meeting.

On Thursday I left the house early for some business I had to handle. It was in Boca, not too far from the school so I got to the campus around one. I saw someone leaving and they parked their car on the opposite side of level 1 of the parking garage, near the exit. I drove around as if I was leaving and snagged their spot. I was definitely blessed on that one.

I wore some super comfortable pants and a cute panda shirt that day. I basically looked like I was wearing pajamas, which is pretty accurate because I could definitely take a nap in those.

If only my room was this chic.

After Precalc, I went to the Student Services building with a classmate, the one I mentioned last week. I showed her the Financial Aid Office and the Office of First-Gen. Every time a new person comes to the Office, Alex likes to say that our family is growing. Alex loved my super comfy pants, which is the main reason I stopped by. I knew she'd appreciate that level of comfort. And my friend from class really liked the vibe of the Office.

We eventually went to Bio, where we had two quizzes. One was a regular quiz and the other was extra credit. Professor Brooks really likes giving us the extra credit quizzes at the very end of class. He said if everyone got it right, the whole class would get three points extra credit. He gave us a really big hint and he'd talked about it last class, so you'd expect everyone to get it but there were 6% of students who got it wrong. It's just one big head shake.

This was the face shared by everyone who got that question right yesterday when we found out people still slipped up.

On Friday, I took my time getting ready for school. I left around 11:30 and got to the school around 12. I got a pretty good parking spot on the third floor of the garage, near the elevator. I decided to stay in my car and listen to my audiobook before I felt obligated to go to class. I'm currently listening to Turtles All the way Down by John Green and I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

I left about ten minutes before class. I saw Ken You, the peer coach in the Breezeway. We had a conversation without words and a hand hug. Hand hugs are the best, I'm surprised I didn't know about them sooner.

My Social Psychology class went pretty well. We have a test on Wednesday and he was mostly going over the final chapter since we didn't get a chance to finish reviewing last class. After class, I bought lunch at Einstein Bros, where I got a bagel sandwich with mushrooms and spinach and Swiss cheese. I went to the Office to eat it and I met Ron's daughter. She is absolutely adorable and gave everyone in the office a piece of her original art.

I left for rock climbing around 4:30. I'm still having trouble on the left side but I made it to the top of the right side. It was great! It wasn't as hard as the first time, but that doesn't mean it was easy. I think I'm really getting over my fear. I stayed at the top much longer this time around.

After Rock Climbing, I went to Bible Study and got a spiritual feeding. I'm really happy I went, it was really good! All in all, a pretty great week.

Today I Learned:

Monday: The more people you know, the smaller the campus feels.

Tuesday: It's important to live a spiritual life on more days than just Sunday.

Wednesday: FAU is always giving out something at some time during the day.

Thursday: People will still get things wrong, even when you give them the answer.

Friday: Take some time out for the little things in life, try things that might scare you, appreciate those around you. Also, Ron's daughter will be an excellent artist and future Owl.


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